January 6, 2023-

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Pizza Party is the way to go in 2024.

Planning a party in 2024? You’re not alone.

We know you want to throw the best party ever, and we’re here to help! We’ve got some tips for making it happen.

Think about what your guests will want to eat—and what they’ll think is fun.

If you’re planning on serving pizza, why not make it woodfired? Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, but most people don’t get to experience it fresh out of the oven. Woodfired pizza is warm, crispy, and delicious. It’s also healthier than delivery pizza because it’s made with whole wheat dough and less cheese.

That’s where Wiggles Pizza comes in! We’ll come out to your location with two mobile woodfired pizza ovens and make fresh, delicious pizzas for all of your guests. Our selection includes the usual favourites, as well as options for vegan and vegetarian guests.

We can even bring extra toppings so everyone can customize their own pizza! So whether you’re planning a birthday party or just want to invite some friends over —we’ve got you covered!

Our team will make sure that everything is prepared according to your specifications, so you can relax and enjoy the party too.

We know that planning ahead is important when it comes to parties, which is why services can be secured with a small booking fee, and flexible with amendments up until one week before the main event.

If you think that woodfired pizza could be the catering solution you have been looking for, get in touch with Wiggles Pizza today for a quote.